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Heads Up Nutrition

Heads Up Nutrition provides nutrition knowledge and expertise to help people achieve their goals.
I work with people to improve their health and manage their weight. My personalised approach and coaching skills successfully remove barriers to change that stop people from achieving their full potential.
As a Registered Nutritionist, I am highly qualified, experienced, and skilled in working with clients individually and in groups. I am a successful freelance health writer and also work in nutrition education.

How can Heads Up Nutrition help you?

We offer the following services:

Online Consultations


Healthy Eating Workshops


Freelance Health Writing

Freelance Writing

Salad Leaves

Corporate Services

Selection of Olives


Healthy Meal

Recipe Development and Meal Planning

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    Lisa, Sheffield
    Lisa, Sheffield

    I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from my first visit and I am looking forward to learning more from the next workshops. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their diet to live a healthy happy life.

    KI, Middlesex
    KI, Middlesex

    The recommendations made to me have helped me to manage my weight and support mood swings.

    TC, Sheffield
    TC, Sheffield

    It’s great to be enjoying a more varied and healthy diet. Heads Up Nutrition helped me to shop for, and cook new foods that I was unfamiliar with.

    JM, Sheffield
    JM, Sheffield

    Heads Up Nutrition helped me to focus on my goals and prioritise more effectively.